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Professor of History and Former Dean at Georgetown College

Former Professor of History at Northern Kentucky Universtiy and the University of Kentucky

Author and Retired Professor and Department Chair at Cumberland College

Dr. George Hamilton Tapp was a well-known Kentucky historian who spent most of his career teaching and writing. Dr. Tapp started his career teaching at various schools and institutions such as Pike County High School, Eastern Kentucky University (1923-1928), Louisville Male High School (1934-1944), and the University of Kentucky (1948-1971). While…

Former Editor and Writer of the Louisville Courier-Journal and Times

Dr. Sallie Powell shares details on her family and occupational histories, as well as the major experiences that shaped her views while growing up. In particular, Dr. Powell explains that she never experienced discrimination as a youth but has, in fact, face discriminatory challenges as an adult.

Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Kentucky
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