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Ryan Adkins discusses his combat experiences in the Army. In particular, he details his experiences in combat, how his views of combat changed over time, and the friendships he created. Adkins also comments on the accountability they depended on, the struggles of seeing danger in every situation, the difference in gender roles in combat, and being…

Robin Showalter discusses the personal experiences that led to her self-identification as a Feminist. She highlights some topics that she is passionate about and explains the reasoning behind her stances. AS an activist, she provides insight on her experiences and the overall context of the women's movement in Kentucky.

In this interview Jenn Rodgers discusses her personal experiences and the life lessons she has learned. She candidly discusses the struggles leading up to where she is today and her future goals. Rodgers pays particular attention to the importance of independence and supporting yourself when others cannot.

Nita Benson reflects back on her life by discussing her childhood memories, her educational background, her work history as a secretary, and her life as a mother and housewife. In her interview, she shares that she realized she learned to take care of others by watching and learning from her mother. Benson concludes that she is satisfied with her…
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