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Dan Edwards discusses his time in the United States Air Force. In particular, he comments on his time during basic training, his deployment during the Vietnam War, and the racism he witnessed during his service. He also details the skills he picked up that help him perform well under pressure, and, explains his reluctancy to join groups like the…

Keith Dinsmore discusses his time in the United States Army during the Vietnam War. In particular, he comments on his being drafted, his time in basic training, and the politics of war.

Roger E. Kirby discusses his childhood and his service in the Navy during the Vietnam War. In particular, he comments on growing up on a dairy farm, being raised by his father and extended family, the role the Navy played in Vietnam, and his duties and assignments. Kirby also adds his thoughts on public reactions to soldiers returning from the war,…

Micheal Jones details his time the Air Force during Vietnam. In particular, Jones comments on his struggle between serving or moving to Canada, his reluctance to go overseas, being stationed in the states, and the impacts of seeing his friends suffer PTSD and chemical injuries. He continues by explaining his easy transition back into civilian life,…

Glenn Rogers discusses his experiences with being drafted into the Army during the Vietnam War. In particular, Rogers comments on being injured, his experiences with Agent Orange, as well as his expereinces as a Prisoner of War and the effects it had on him after he returned home.

Richard Schmidt details his service in the Navy. Discussions cover his military career, his training as an air traffic controller on Naval carriers, and problems with the healthcare system for Veterans.

Calloway Montgomery, a Magoffin County native discusses his family history, education, military service record, and his county political career in this interview. Interview topics include the Judicial Referendum, Fiscal Court, Big Sandy AD District grants, Revenue Sharing, coal mines, and relevant coal miner unemployment trends

In this interview, SFC Frederick Johnson, discusses his military background and his tour of duty in Vietnam. He describes his attitude toward the war, tactics, and his thoughts on South Vietnamese Army.

World War II Veteran Jack Pennock recollects on his experiences as a cryptologist and his subsequent role in the D-Day Invasion of Normandy in 1944.

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