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Michael Williams details his time in the United States Navy. In particular, Williams discusses his upbringing, his decision to join the Navy, his transition into basic training, and his combat experiences. He also discusses reintergation into cilvilan life and shares his advice for people who are getting ready to retire from the service.

Michael Navalta Jr. recounts his time in the United States Army. In particular, Navalta comments on his specialized education, infantry training, and pushing his limits. He also discusses his deployments, the dangers that came with them, SERE training, and the medals he was awarded.

Jack L. Tackett details his time in the Marine Corps duing the Vietnam War. In particular, Tackett comments on his expereinces while being attached to the First Reconnaissance Marines as a radio man. He also discusses the fifteen patrols he went on during the war.

Dennis Ellinger details his time in the Marine Corps during Vietnam. In particular, Ellinger comments on his life before his enlistment, why he chose to enlist rather than face being drafted, his resulting deployment to Vietnam, his combat experiences, and being wounded. He also discusses what his life was like after the war and his reflections on…

Robert Lee Quisenberry details his time in the Air Force. In particular, Quisenberry details his childhood, enlisting in the military, his training, being stationed across the world but not facing combat, his cilvilian life, and his experiences with Veteran Affairs.

Michael Weir discusses his service in the United States Navy. In particular, Weir comments on continuing the family tradition of Naval service, his time in basic training, being away from his family, his positions as a corpsman and a resuce swimmer, and the cultural differences he experienced with each deployment.

Joseph Meyers recounts his decision to enlist, his time in basic training, and his deployment to Iraq. He discusses his drill instructors and thier teaching methods, his job as an engineer, creating boobytraps, being deplpoyed to Iraq, and running convoy operations. He explains the pain of losing a fellow solider and the impact it had on him.…

James D. Gaither Sr. details his service in the Army during the Vietnam War. In particular, Gaither discusses his experiences in basic training, his Infantry and Artillery training, his first combat experiences in Vietnam, and how casualties were handled in the war zone. He also comments on his re-entry into the civilian world after he was…

Sargeant First Class Jerry Klontz details his career in the U.S. Army. In particular, he shares stories from his time during active duty, which included deployments to combat zones in Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Klontz also shares his personal feelings about service and the impacts it has on service men and women.

Lawrence Broome discusses his time in the Air Force. In particular, Broome comments on the relationships he made, how he stayed in touch with family, the challenges of facing combat, and the regrets he has about his retirement.

Ret. Lt. Col. Marcel T. Schmidt details his twenty-three year career in the Air Force. In particular, Lt. Col. Schmidt recalls memories of his father in Vietnam as a child, and comments on getting a masters degree before enlisting and his experiences while serving in Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield. Schmidt also comments on staying in…

Tabatha Flynn details her childhood in a small town and her choice to enlist in the Army. In particular, Flynn comments on basic training, her combat medic experiences, and the moral and mental struggles of combat. Flynn also discusses her return to civilian life, starting a family, and her major take aways from military service.

James Wooley discusses his time in the service, adjusting to military life, Veterans Adminstration healthcare, veteran reintegration, as well as the challenges that Veterans face with pharmaceutical abuse and addiction.

John E. Owens details his early life, his decision to enlist in the Army, and his choice to transfer to the National Gruard after 9/11. Owens shares interesting stories from basic training and his deployment to Iraq. Interview conversations also include comments on being an authority figure during conflict, the weight of holding the lives of men in…
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