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Sadie Moore shares the impact of the Great Depression in this interview. She was a student at Buckeye school who would later graduate from college and became a teacher. She comments on how there were no boys in her graduating class, and she details the ad

In this interview Ernest Adams, an EKU graduate, shares his memories as a student at Buckeye Schools and, later, as a teacher. He comments on both the weaknesses and strengths of Buckeye High School.

Betty Sue Davis was a student at Buckeye school and returned to be a teacher there as well. There are advantages and disadvantages of small schools and split grades that Davis discussed. She feels that small schools should close in KY. She expressed what should happen to Buckeye.

In this interview Mr. Davis, an EKU alumni, discusses his career with Whirlpool and his memories of being a student at Buckeye school. Other topics of discussion include his split grades, scholastic clubs, Buckeye Sports, and the politically motivated closure of the school.
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