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Nightingale discusses life on the Kentucky River and its landmarks.

Retired Worker for Frankfort City Water Works recalls fond memories of experiences he had on the Kentucky River.

Young recalls memories of being a lockmaster on the Kentucky River.

Kentucky River enthusiast speaks of history of the Kentucky River.

Yount discusses memories of the Kentucky River.

Barber discusses the Kentucky River.

Retired teacher tells of life in Henry County, Kentucky.

Imel tells of life near the Kentucky River near the community of Perry Park.

Stevens tells of early years of his life spent in Estill County at the Mawbray & Robinson Sawmill where his father worked.

Carolyn Floyd discusses her farming experiences, as well as her years of living and raising her children on the Kentucky River, Madison County, Kentucky. She also recalls many stories about Cassius Clay, her step-great grandfather, and Brutus Clay. In general, Floyd's interview covers a variety of topics from farming and national politics, to theā€¦

The Lynch brothers discuss their time and work on the Kentucky River.
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