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A graduate of Bannaker High School in Cynthiana, KY, James Way obtained his Bachelor's degree from Wilberforce University and his Master's degree from EKU. Way began his teaching career in Cynthiana, eventually moving to EKU and becoming the first African American teacher at the University. He provides an overview of his family background and his…

Jack Adams is a native of Laurel County and an EKU alumni. In this interview Adams discusses going to EKU on a basketball scholarship and his corresponding basketball career. He recalls professors and coaches who influenced his education career. Upon graduation he was an alternate for the Olympic basketball team. He discusses becoming the assistant…

Guy Strong was born in Irvine, Kentucky, where he played multiple sports growing up. He attended the University of Kentucky from 1948-1951, on a basketball scholarship, where he found himself on a national championship team. He transferred to EKU for one year before entering the military and serving in the Korean War. He then returned to EKU on the…

In this interview, Ernerst Wiggins, Superintendent of East Bernstadt Schools, discusses his education, former jobs, military service, previous coaching jobs, and other various aspects of the job of Superintendent.

In this interview, George Francis, Superintendent of Harlan City Schools, discusses his education, influential people, the School Board, and other various aspects of his job as Superintendent.

In this interview, John Brock, Superintendent of Rowan County Schools, discusses his background and education, his decision to go into administration, and prior positions held. He also comments on problems he faces as superintendent as well as decision ma

Minnie May, an EKU graduate, was an elementary school teacher at Buckeye Schools. In this interview she discusses the school, its curriculum, and the impacts that the Great Depression had on the community. She also discusses the changing role of teachers, 1950s special needs students and the population decline that resulted in the evnetual closing…

Sadie Moore shares the impact of the Great Depression in this interview. She was a student at Buckeye school who would later graduate from college and became a teacher. She comments on how there were no boys in her graduating class, and she details the ad

In this interview Ernest Adams, an EKU graduate, shares his memories as a student at Buckeye Schools and, later, as a teacher. He comments on both the weaknesses and strengths of Buckeye High School.

Elizabeth Adams graduated from EKU and became a teacher. In this interview she shares memories of the Buckeye Community and the impacts that the Great Depression had on the community. She also contrasts male teachers, the duties of teachers, and she comments on changes in the Buckeye community through time.

Alfred S. Portwood attended UK and played football, before he came to coach at EKU. In this interview, he comments on various sports cultures, including football, basketball, baseball, and tennis, and the players he coached. He also discusses his EKU teaching career and how he worked for the Revenue Department under Governor Chandler.

J.W. "Spider" Thurman was born in 1917 in Rhea County, Tennessee. He moved to Benham, a coal mining camp in Harlan County, Kentucky, when he was seven years old. In this interview, Thurman comments on coal camp life, his years in Kentucky Athletics and his time as the EKU Director of Alumni Affairs.

Dorothy Chaney Pearson was born in 1912 and graduated from Western in 1928. In the following interview Pearson addresses her student involvement in the Woodburn High School Basketball Program and the Kentucky State Basketball Tournaments between 1927 and 1932. Of special interest in the interview is a discussion over the reasons why some women in…

This is an unrehearsed taped interview with Walter Robert Hill, Alumnus, a 1940 graduate of Eastern Kentucky State Normal School. Mr. Hill discusses his years at Eastern and his coaching career in baseball.
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