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John Rose is a native of Clark County, KY. In this interview Rose discusses growing up on a farm and his education at EKU. He recounts his time at EKU and how it helped him prepare for his endeavors. He also discusses the building boom under President Martin and his varied career as a math teacher, farmer, real estate broker and State Senator.

Retired School Superintendent

Michael Todd discusses the struggles of farming in Kentucky. Interview topics include discussions over balancing farming and family, and the benefits of raising a family on a farm.

Wilson describes his "simple" lifestyle, including a detachment from society, and other particular institutions, including government, food supply chain, and poverty. Wilson also details his involvement in the Berea Farmers Market and local market benefits.

Retired Teacher

Milos Sebor, a Zbiroh, Austria native, became Professor of Geography at EKU in 1968. In this interview Sebor reflects on the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia, and various aspects of WWII and Europe.

Cecil Mallory, a Todd County native, discusses his education public service career in this interview. He comments county politics, the pros and cons to his job, the Judicial Referendum, a controversial library issue, county redistricting, and the various county services, such as the roads program, recreation facilities, and city-county housing…

In this interview, Bob Hite, a Henderson County native, discusses his family history and public service career in Union County, which includes 4 years as Mayor of Morganfield, 4 years on the City Council and his election to County Judge Executive. Interview topics include his decisions to enter into public service, city and county budgeting, the…

In this interview, Robert Westrick, the Carroll County Judge Executive, discusses his personal background, and his education and employment history prior to becoming Judge Executive. During a discussion over the judicial system changes he reveals that he preferred the pre-Referendum system over the new structure. Additional topics include water,…

Robert R. Martin talks about retiring from Eastern Kentucky University presidency and his time serving as a State Senator.

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