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In this interview, Mrs. Hazel Little shares her memories of growing up on a farm in Lincoln County KY and her later experiences while living in Richmond KY. She details campus activities, dormitory life and various teachers. She also comments on a story where President Donovan unknowingly contributed to the theft of musical instruments from the…

Henry Martin served as Dean of Students at Eastern Kentucky University under President Martin. In this interview, Martin reflects on his education at Berea College, his military service in the Navy, and his role as the EKU dormitory director.

In this interview, Herman B. Moore, an Owesley County native, describes growing up on a farm and his early education in a one room school house. He reflects on his campus life and some of his teachers in the interview. Moore expresses his continued support for EKU's programs after retirement.

Owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors of a McCreary County Bank

EKU Alumnus/Former Employee of Frontier Nusing

Ivol Parker is a native of Kentucky. A graduate of Berea College, Columbia University, and the University of Louisville where she received her PhD. Parker taught at EKU in the English Department from 1977 until her retirement in 1984. This interview covers her early life and education, including graduate studies at Yale Dvinity School and working…

World War II Veteran Jack Pennock recollects on his experiences as a cryptologist and his subsequent role in the D-Day Invasion of Normandy in 1944.

Joe Grimes Sr., a Lincoln County, KY native and retired farmer and insurance agent. Grimes discusses growing up in Stanford, KY and the major changes in the area.

Joe Grimes Sr., is a Lincoln County, KY native and a retired farmer and insurance agent. In this interview, Grimes, discusses growing up in Stanford, KY and what the area was like then and now.

Kelly Morgan is a native of Manchester, KY, a retired school teacher and author. In this interview, Morgan, discusses his education, his first job teaching, and church. He describes the history of the area and the Baker-Howard feud.

Leon Rottersman is a native of New York. He taught psychology at EKU for several years. In this interview, he discusses early experiences in New York, military service in World War II, and his education. He also comments on his reasons for going into teaching, his doctoral work, and his reasons for coming to EKU.

Mabel Criswell is a Kentucky native. She attended EKU and worked for EKU as Director of Housing. In this interview she reflects campus life as a student, changes that occurred, and being employed by EKU.

Maudie Tyra discusses her upbringing in Breathitt County. Tyra comments extensively on her childhood and how losing her mother at a young age presented many challenges. Other interview topics include discussions about demographic change in the foothills of Appalachia through time, home remedies, railroads, neighborliness, and her WWII work in "big…
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