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Jeffery Beaty recounts his service in the Army. In particular, Beaty recounts his early life, leaving home at eighteen, the culture shock of basic training, and life during his deployment.

Hershel W. Williams recounts his childhood and his time in the Marines during World War II. In particular, Williams comments on his childhood on a dairy farm, the events leading up to his enlistment in the Marines, basic training at Parris Island, and what it's like to being a rifleman while wrestling with the reality of killing. He also details…

Talbert G. Turner discusses his choice to enlist in the United States Navy and the experiences that helped him transition back into civilian life. In particular, Turner shares his methods for staying calm under stress, the free time in the evenings that his postion granted him, his advice for people thinking of joining, and his thoughts on how the…

White Daniel discusses his time in the miltary, and the return to civilian life. In particular, Daniel comments on his choice to enlist rather than be drafted, his postion in personel management, his transition back home, and his opinions on how the Vietnam War has been protrayed.
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