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In this interview, Willie Sizemore, Superintendent of Clay County Schools, discusses his educational background and experience, student enrollment, problems he faces, the School Board, and contributions he has made.

In this interview, Wilbur Barnes, former Superintendent of Russel Co. Schools, discusses his education, Othella Gaskins (former supt.), the School Board, and college preparedness. He also comments on his daily duties, as well as problems in the system.

In this interview, Nelson White, Superintendent of Powell County Schools, discusses his education, prior positions, the School Board, contributions he has made, and the problems in being a Superintendent.

In this interview, Zack Banks, Former Superintendent of Jackson County Schools, discusses his background, education, military service, and prior teaching positions. He also discusses the problems in the school system of the past several years.

In this interview, Alex Eversole, Superintendent of Perry County Schools, discusses his background, education, and military service. He also comments on school boards, problems in the system, his decision to leave the Perry County School System.

In this interview, Richard Bowling, Superintendent of Leslie County Schools, discusses his background and prior positions, education, and his family. He also comments on how he became Superintendent, and discusses some of his duties at this position.

In this interview, Roy Winchester, Superintendent of Henry County schools, discusses his background, teaching experience, his decision to become and administrator, and the role of the school board. He also comments on changes in the school system.

Otis Bundy is a native of Kentucky and graduated from Clay County High School. Mr. Bundy went into the Army after high school and fought in the Battle of the Bulge during World War II. He attended EKU on the GI Bill and majoring in agriculture. In his interview he talks about how he came to work on a farm and the changes in agriculture that he…

William Sexton was born in Carlisle, Kentucky, and attended the University of Kentucky for one semester before transferring to EKU. During his time at Eastern, Sexton moved from student to faculty, to department chair to dean, and then up to two vice-presidencies. In his interview, he describes what he has done at EKU, including leaving to join the…

Roland Wierwille was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, to German parents. He attended the University of Cincinnati for one semester to play basketball, but came to EKU on a basketball scholarship in 1958, majoring in physical education and economic education. In this interview, Wierwille describes attending EKU and coaching at Transylvania University and…
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