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In this interview, William Slusher, Retired Superintendent of 42 years in the Bell County School System, discusses hid education, decision to become Superintendent, the biggest changes in education, contributions he's made, the School Board, etc.

In this interview, Ronald Jones, Superintendent of Pineville City Schools, discusses his education, the Flood of 1977, how he became Superintendent, the School Board and elections, and major problems he faces.

In this interview, Charles Singleton, Superintendent of Barbourville Independent Schools, discusses his education, major problems, concerns of the people in education, positive aspects of the job, and other issues involving the school system and community

In this interview, Al Sullivan, Superintendent of Adair County Schools, discusses his background and educational experiences, and many positions held prior to becoming Superintendent. He also comments on School Boards, problems of the system and the Super

In this interview, Troy Spear, Superintendent of Cumberland Co. Schools, discusses his background and education, his positions held prior to becoming Superintendent, and the School Board and elections. He also discusses major issues that he has faced, co
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