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In this interview, Richard Bowling, Superintendent of Leslie County Schools, discusses his background and prior positions, education, and his family. He also comments on how he became Superintendent, and discusses some of his duties at this position.

In this interview, A.T. Hensley, Former Superintendent of Mercer County Schools, discusses his education, issues that the school system has faced, his contributions, and a comparison of the position of School Superintendent in the past twenty years.

In this interview, Kenneth King, Superintendent of Mercer County Schools, discusses his education, pros and cons of being Superintendent, the School Board, lack of dedication by teachers, athletics, and the negative aspects to his job.

In this interview, J.K. Powell, Retired School Superintendent of Mercer County, Former President of Cambellsville College, and President of EKU, reccollects on his many experiences as an educator and as administrator for the school systems.

In this interview, Harold Webb, Superintendent of Richmond Independent Schools, discusses his education and prior positions, school enrollment, the School Board, major problems he's faced, and programs he has improved.

In this interview, Ike Slusher, Superintendent of the Bell County School System, discusses his educational and administrative experience, and the problems involved in operating a school system.
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