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Timothy Gruber details his time in the United States Army. In particular, Gruber comments on his deployments to Iraq and Kuwait, being injured and awarded a Purple Heart, as well as coming home and dealing with PTSD. He also comments on being honorably discharged because on the complications he experienced with PTSD.

Keith Dinsmore discusses his time in the United States Army during the Vietnam War. In particular, he comments on his being drafted, his time in basic training, and the politics of war.

LTC Brian Sweeney recounts his impressive career in the United State Army. In particular, Sweeney comments on his Special Forces training and breaking his ankle at Ft. Benning, which led to a switch to the Infantry. He also comments on not being picked for Delta Forces, training ROTC students at University of Kentucky, and being deployed to Bosnia…

James D. Gaither Sr. details his service in the Army during the Vietnam War. In particular, Gaither discusses his experiences in basic training, his Infantry and Artillery training, his first combat experiences in Vietnam, and how casualties were handled in the war zone. He also comments on his re-entry into the civilian world after he was…

Sgt. Major Edmundo Torres, is a teacher at EKU with the ROTC program. In this interview, he discusses some of his thoughts and experiences relating to the Vietnam War. He describes two tour of duties and being apart of the Special Forces.
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