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In this interview, Harold Webb, Superintendent of Richmond Independent Schools, discusses his education and prior positions, school enrollment, the School Board, major problems he's faced, and programs he has improved.

In this interview, Ike Slusher, Superintendent of the Bell County School System, discusses his educational and administrative experience, and the problems involved in operating a school system.

In this interview, Denver Partin, Former Superintendent of Whitley County Schools, discusses his education, prior educational positions, his reasons for being Superintendent, School Boards, school enrollment, and other issues concerning the system.

In this interview, Ernest Siler, Superintendent of Whitley County Schools, discusses his education, the School Board and elections, problems of the Superintendent and school system, and his future plans to run for State Representative.

In this interview, Clarence Bates, Superintendent of Wayne County Schools, discusses his background and education, prior positions held,and his lifetime of education. He also comments on school boards, problems he has faced, and how he spends the majorit

In this interview, Vernon Miniard, Superintendent of the Monticello School System, discusses his family and background, his time working for Blue Diamond Coal Co., as well as his time in the military and education. He also discusses school boards, problem
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