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In this interview, Albert Dix, Publisher of the State Journal, discusses his background, the problems of running a newspaper in a capital city, and the type of news that is covered in the paper.

In this interview, Cammy Owens, Editor/ Publisher of Magoffin County News, discusses his personal background, as well as how he got into the newspaper business. He also discusses politics in the county and comments on other community issues.

In this interview, James Striplin, Publisher of the Ledger Independent, discusses publishing a community newspaper as well as the most urgent needs in the county. He also discusses his feelings about the newspaper business and the growth of the Ledger.

In this interview, Laurnie Caproni, editor of the Ledger Independent, discusses how she got into the newspaper business as well as various issues within the community.

In this interview, Moss Vance, Editor of the Woodford Sun, discusses his background and the history of the newspaper. He also discusses the decision makers and needs of Woodford County.

In this interview, Russell Metz, Publisher of the Bath County News Outlook discusses his personal background and early career, Bath County decision makers, and the Kentucky Press Association.

In this interview, Betty Caudill, Managing Editor of the Kentucky Publishing Company, discusses her background, community issues, and the exhaustive work that goes into the Morehead News and the four other newspapers that the KPC oversees.

In this interview, Ronald Caudill, Executive Vice-President of Kentucky Publishing Company and 50% owner of Morehead News, discusses how he got started in the business, his educational background, and various issues in the community.

In this two part interview, Dolly Brock, the business manager and publisher of the Magnet, discuss her personal backgrounds and the newspaper, which the Brocks owned since 1948.

In this interview, Claude Brock, co-editor of the Magnet, discusses his personal background and the newspaper itself. He also comments on occasional editorials they print.

In this interview, Warren Onken, Publisher of the Mount Sterling Advocate, discusses his early life and his interest in the newspaper business.

In this interview, James Burdine, Editor/ Publisher of The Observer, discusses his education, military service, his positions held at various newspapers, and The Observer itself. Burdine also comments extensively on various newspapers.

In this interview, Clyde Greenwood discusses his duties as both a Judge Executive and editor of a local Trimble County newspaper. He details how he plans to do both jobs and underscores future plans for the newspaper. Judge Greenwood also comments on the Judicial Referendum, which he dislikes, Trimble County population decreases, and the rampant…
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