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Ms. Fraas is interviewing Mrs. Collins and Larry Hayes. During this session, they discuss campaign strategies, debates, financial issues with her education reform and economic development movements, and female occupations. They also talk about the importance of having an active leader as well as an active committee in the creation of new…


This oral history discusses the career of A.B. Gibson, the editor and publisher of Clinton County News. Mr. Gibson describes his early career in the business, as well as the responsibility of a county paper.

Mr. A.D. Albright served on the Tennessee Department of Education from 1939-49. From 1950-54 he was a Professor at George Peabody College and Professor of Education at UK from 1954-57. Mr. Albright served as Executive Dean from 1957-61, Provost from 1960-62, and Executive Vice President from 1962-71. From 1971-76 he served as Executive Director of…

In this interview, A. G. Pritchett, a Henderson County native, comments on his family, education, and a Henderson County political career that began with 12 years as Magistrate, and continued with 7 years of judicial service. He discusses the changes in his duties under the Judicial Referendum, the condition of county roads and bridges, and, the…

In this interview, A.T. Hensley, Former Superintendent of Mercer County Schools, discusses his education, issues that the school system has faced, his contributions, and a comparison of the position of School Superintendent in the past twenty years.

Perdue gives recollections of the Depression.

President Emeritus of Morehead State University

Former President of Morehead State University

Editor and Publisher of the London Syndicate Echo and Chairman of the Democratic Party

This oral history discusses the background and career of Alan Gibson, the assistant editor of the Clinton County News. It describes his views on issues in the community as well as the major issues.

Former Kentucky governor, A.B. Chandler, describes Kentucky politics during the formative years of Perkins' political career.

Mrs. Alice E. Harris was born in Berea, KY on February 24th, 1929. She attended a segregated elementary school in Berea before being bused from Berea to Richmond, KY to attend Richmond High School. Mrs. Harris speaks about her occupational history, Richmond city employment, her membership in a social organization called the Temple Elks, and her…

Executive Director of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities


Chairman of the Board for the Courier-Journal and Times

Retired Superintendent in Knott County

Retired Superintendent in Knott County

Superintendent in Knott County, Kentucky

Assistant Chief Clerk for the Committee on Education and Laber and former Reporter and Editor for the Courier-Journal

Former Governor of Kentucky and Court of Appeals Justice

Pike County Circuit Court Clerk

In this interview, Mr. Bill Simpson, editor of the Wayne County Outlook, recollects on his many years of experience with the newspaper. He also discusses how the paper is organized and printed.

Ms. Fraas interviews Mr. Bob Stewart who was head of the Tourism Department for the Martha Collins Administration. During the interview, they discuss the 1984 campaign, the transition from lieutenant governor's office to governor's office, and the governor's role as a professional woman, wife, and mother. They also talk about the issues Governor…

In this interview, Bruce Ferguson, a Union County resident who was born in Covington KY, discusses his family history, education, and public service, which began in 1963 when he was appointed County Judge and continued after he was elected County Judge Executive. Interview topics include discussions over Kenton County citizen employment, with the…

EKU Alumni, Class of 1963
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