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Teacher, Principal, and Superintendent of Schools in Allen County, Former Mayor, Hospital Administrator, and Executive Director of the Housing Authority

School Bus Driver, Former Restaurant Operator, and Former Mayor

Mayor of Crab Orchard

Mayor of Augusta and Independent Insurance Agent

Author and Founder of the Kentucky Hills Industries in McCreary County

Former Circuit Clerk and County Clerk in McCreary County

In this interview, Richard Bowling, Superintendent of Leslie County Schools, discusses his background and prior positions, education, and his family. He also comments on how he became Superintendent, and discusses some of his duties at this position.

In this interview, William Bennett, Superintendent of the Berea Community School, discusses his education, military service, prior positions, and his decision to become Superintendent. He also comments on independent schools in KY, and problems he faces.

In this interview, A.T. Hensley, Former Superintendent of Mercer County Schools, discusses his education, issues that the school system has faced, his contributions, and a comparison of the position of School Superintendent in the past twenty years.

In this interview, Nelson White, Superintendent of Powell County Schools, discusses his education, prior positions, the School Board, contributions he has made, and the problems in being a Superintendent.

In this interview, the former and current Superintendents of Lee County School discuss how they became Superintendents, the School Boards and their relationships with them, and the changes that have been made in the system over the years.

In this interview, Ernerst Wiggins, Superintendent of East Bernstadt Schools, discusses his education, former jobs, military service, previous coaching jobs, and other various aspects of the job of Superintendent.

In this interview, Douglas Miller, Retired Superintendent of Estill County Schools, discusses his background and education, the consolidation of Estill Co. Schools, the School Board, vocational school, and problems he faced while he was Superintendent.

In this interview, Mildred Rowland, Superintendent of Harlan County Schools, discusses her education, her former positions including teaching, adult education, and many issues in Harlan County and the schools. She has served for 50 years in the schools.

In this interview, Robert Osborne, Superintendent of Lynch Independent Schools, discusses his education, the Lynch School System, prior positions, and many problems he has faced. He also discusses the School Board, and decision makers in Harlan County.

In this interview, Earl Shaw, Superintendent of Garrard County Schools, discusses his education, prior positions, problems he has faced, the School Board, the positive aspects of his job and decision makers in the county.
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