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Don Rogers discusses his time in the Navy during the Vietnam War. He details his travels, his job as a naval fireman, his experiences returning home after the war, and his career at an Army Weapons Depot.

Lester Baker discusses his childhood, and his time in the Navy. In particular, he details his responsiblities while enlisted, going to A school, and the places he was stationed.

Micheal C. Roy details his time in the United States Naval Reserves duing the Vietnam War. In particular, Roy covers his reasons for joining the Navy, being stationed on a WWII destroyer and the state the ship was in upon arriving, being an engineer on the USS Kitty Hawk, as well as being in he Gulf of Tonkin during the conflict. Roy also discusses…

Roger E. Kirby discusses his childhood and his service in the Navy during the Vietnam War. In particular, he comments on growing up on a dairy farm, being raised by his father and extended family, the role the Navy played in Vietnam, and his duties and assignments. Kirby also adds his thoughts on public reactions to soldiers returning from the war,…

Terry L. Spurlock discusses his time in the United States Navy. In particular, Spurlock comments on his choice to enlist in the Navy rather than be drafted into the Army. He also shares stories from his time in boot camp and his travels to the Philipines and Vietnam.
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