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Jim Distler discusses his enlistment in the United States Marine Corps. In particular, Distler details his experiences during basic training, his reasons for enlisting, his occupation as a radio operator, and his life after the service. He also gives his opinions on the military and civilian life after enlistment.

Jimmy Thanh Doan details his time in United States Marine Corps. In particular, Doan comments on being a first generation immigrant, his parent's reaction to his enlistment, his time in basic training, and how he developed a service oriented mindset to adapt.

Hershel W. Williams recounts his childhood and his time in the Marines during World War II. In particular, Williams comments on his childhood on a dairy farm, the events leading up to his enlistment in the Marines, basic training at Parris Island, and what it's like to being a rifleman while wrestling with the reality of killing. He also details…

Jamie Peerce details his time in the Marine Corps. while being stationed in Panama. Peerce also comments on how the military helped him become a better police officer once he left service.

Charles Hager discusses his time in the Marines during the Vietnam War and his eventual return to civilian life after being discharged. In particular, Hager discusses his training in the Infantry, his culture shock when landing in Vietnam, and the postive and negative experiences he had overseas. He also discusses his return to civilian life and…

Samuel Cassidy discusses his time in the Marine Corps. In particular, Cassidy details his life in the military during the 1950's. He comments on basic training and life on Parris Island, and shares some of the life skills that he took away from the military. Cassidy also discusses his views on veteran affairs issues and the politics that go along…

Blake Pennington details his service in the United States Marine Corp. Discussions cover his entire career in the military, from enlistment to separation.
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