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This oral history discusses the career of A.B. Gibson, the editor and publisher of Clinton County News. Mr. Gibson describes his early career in the business, as well as the responsibility of a county paper.

In this interview, Al Smith, Owner-Publisher of the Russelville News Democrat, Russellville-Logan Leader, Green River Republican, Leithchfield News Gazette, Cadiz Record, and the Harpath Herald, details his personal background and family history, and, to a lesser extent, various political and social aspects of his newspapers, his career, and, moreā€¦

In this oral history, Mr. Waggener, Editor-Publisher of Waggener-Walker Newspapers, Inc., discusses the way in which he operates his newspapers and the services they provide.

This oral history discusses the early life and career of Fred Burkhard. He was the former editor and publisher of the Casey County News. The interview is the first of a three part series.

In this interview, Kenneth Stanley, Editor and Publisher of the Louisville Defender, discusses his personal background and how this paper is the only Black newspaper in the state. He also discusses his normal work week and the type of news printed.

In this interview, Robert Carter, Publisher of the Kentucky New Era, discusses his education, the history of the paper, and many issues within the community.

In this interview, Roger Harris, Editor of the Louisville Scripps-Howard Newspapers, discusses the newspaper company, type of news printed, the circulation of the paper, and the Kentucky Press Association.

In this interview, Ronald Beane, Publisher of the Greenville-Central City Leader News, discusses his duties and writing for the paper, the responsibility of being a small town newspaper, and issues within Muhlenberg County.

This oral history involves Sonny & Judy Branham, the publishers and editors of Cumberland County News. It describes their backgrounds, interests in news, as well as the role and function of a community paper.

In this oral history, Mrs. Terry Norfleet, publisher of the Russel Springs Times Journal, discusses the problems of running a newspaper and social problems of Russel County.

In this interview, William Canty, Publisher-Editor of the Edmonson News, discusses his personal background, his newspaper career, and the types of news printed in the paper. He also discusses various issues and people in the Edmonson County.
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