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In this interview, Al Smith, Owner-Publisher of the Russelville News Democrat, Russellville-Logan Leader, Green River Republican, Leithchfield News Gazette, Cadiz Record, and the Harpath Herald, details his personal background and family history, and, to a lesser extent, various political and social aspects of his newspapers, his career, and, moreā€¦

In this interview, James Whittaker, managing editor of the Central Record, gives the logistics of publishing a weekly paper. He also discusses former Casey County News editor Fred Burkhard.

In this interview, James Allen, Editor of the Grayson County Gazette, discusses his education, the paper, and its circulation. He also discusses various problems in the county, including corruption in City Hall. Allen also comments extensively on his professional relationship with Al Smith, and the six newspapers they own.

In this interview, Juliette Magee, Editor of the Advanced Yeoman, discusses her background, education, the history of the paper she owns, and various community problems and concerns.

in this interview, Michael Waits, Editor of the Cadiz Record, discusses publishing and owning the paper, the history of the paper, and the most pressing needs of the county.

In this interview, Earl Kinner, Jr., Editor of the Licking Valley News, discusses the paper and other newspapers he and his family own, the circulation of the three papers, and the needs of Morgan County.

In this interview, Mr. James Crawford, editor of The Corbin Times Tribune, discusses the daily operation of his newspaper, and problems involved with reporting the news.

In this interview, Mr. Luke Keith, publisher of the Sentinel Echo, discusses his background, early life, and his role as the publisher of the Sentinel Echo. He is the husband to Margaret Keith.
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