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George Robinson grew up in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Dr. Robinson joined the Navy, then finished college with a degree in history. Around the time he completed his doctorate he met Paul Nagle from EKU, who got him hired at EKU. In this interview, Dr. Robinson discusses coming to campus and the courses he taught before becoming chair of the History…

Manchester native Elbert Hudson graduated joined the Navy as a machinist during World War II. In this interview, Mr. Hudson describes his experience in the Navy, including the sinking of his ship off Okinawa. After the service he began attending EKU as a World War II veteran. He recounts campus life and Richmond as they were when he enrolled in the…

Robert Burgess discusses his time in the Navy. In particular, Burgess comments on his Naval responsibilities, the benefits of serving in the Navy, his personal religious beliefs, the GI Bill and his education, and the state of the Veteran healthcare system.

Eric B. Young Jr. discusses his childhood, time in the Navy, and his position as Master At Arms. In particular, Young details his life on a Naval carrier, education, friendships, brotherhood, mental health, the good and bad of serving, and the overall impact his service has had on his life.

Dennis Sinnett discusses his childhood, his time in the United States Navy, from enlistment to his final rank as a Captain. As a naval pilot, Sinnett comments on the different types of aircrafts he flew, as well as his experiences during deployment and the pressures of combat.

Jon Ralls details his childhood, attending basic training in Illinois, survival training, the loneliness of deployment, his thoughts on the VA, and his time as a firefighter.

Tabatha Flynn details her childhood in a small town and her choice to enlist in the Army. In particular, Flynn comments on basic training, her combat medic experiences, and the moral and mental struggles of combat. Flynn also discusses her return to civilian life, starting a family, and her major take aways from military service.
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