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David May starts his interview by talking about how his great grandfather would ride mountain horses during his time as sheriff. He also discusses how the mountain horse was, and is still, an easy keeper and how Appalachia would not have been able to survive without these horses. The horses were used for everything and now they have changed into…

Cindy Greene Clevenger always loved horses but she came to own them later in life. A true Mountain Horse enthusiast, she discusses her views and thoughts on where the best examples of Mountain Horses can be located. Clevenger concludes that there are many unregistered Mountain Horses of the finest stock up in the hollers and backroads of Eastern…

Mark and Cheryl Martin discuss their deep connection with Appalachia and the integral role that Mountain Horses have played in the region through time. They also comment on natural horsemanship training techniques and the therapeutic benefits of horses for military veterans and the handicapped.
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