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Michael Navalta Jr. recounts his time in the United States Army. In particular, Navalta comments on his specialized education, infantry training, and pushing his limits. He also discusses his deployments, the dangers that came with them, SERE training, and the medals he was awarded.

Holdbrook MacArthur details joining the military as an older recruit, the positions he held, and the challenges he faced. He also discusses being an immigrant who enlisted, his transition after being discharged, the classes you are required to take, and the path of service he took on after leaving the Armed Forces.

Angel Lewis discusses his enlistment in the Army, his thoughts on serving, his job and position while enlisted, as well as the best and worst aspects of life in the service.

Micheal Morris discusses his time in the United States Air Force. In particular, Morris commetns on being an aircraft electrician, his deployments and the many places he traveled to while enlisted. Morris also details the awards and citiations he earned, and, shares comments on how his service helped him in his civilian job.

Chris Linder discusses his time in the United States Marines Corps., his deployments, and his return to civilian life. In particular, Linder comments on his deployment to Iraq during Desert Storm and a second deployment that was riddled with politcs and ever changing Rules of Engagement. He also details his involvement in humanitarian missions in…
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