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Robert Baughman, a Stanford, KY native and retired deaf educator, recalls growing up in Stanford.

Charles Vanhuss discusses growing up in Ravenna, Estill County, Kentucky. Interview topics include discussions about his family history and his father's involvement with the L&N Railroad, the education system and churches, his interest in politics,…

This interview with Maudie Tyra is the second of a two part series. Interview topics include discussions over transportation (railroads), her home life while growing up, and the importance of mission work in the area. An extended conversation over…

Robert Baughman is a Stanford, KY native and a retired deaf educator. In this interview, Baughman, recalls growing up in Stanford and discusses the changes over the years.

Charles Hacker is a retired signal foreman for the L & N Railroad. In this interview, Hacker, discusses his duties as signal foreman, the old signals, and the L & N strike in 1955.

Callie Chaney is a Estill County, KY native and a retired L&N railroad worker. In this interview, Chaney, discusses being a cook for the railroad and living on "camp cars". She describes always being on the move and deciding to leave the railroad so…

Ellis Bush is a Wolfe County, KY native and a retired country store owner. In this interview, Bush, discusses where he was raised, the Torrent-Zachariah community. He describes leaving for Ohio for work but returned later in life to operate a country…
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