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Master Sargeant Barry Fraiser details his 23 year career in the Air Force as a medic. In particular, Fraiser comments on his reasons for enlistment, why he chose the Air Force, basic training, his first impressions, medic training, and the people he met while deployed. He also discusses being homesick, his retirement, and how the military shaped…

Captain Tucker Houston is a Vietnam veteran, teaching ROTC at Eastern Kentucky University. In this interview he discusses some of his feelings and experiences relating to the evacuation of Saigon, Vietnam.

James Carr, Jr. describes his life growing up in the rural areas of Madison County and the Richmond Community during his youth. Mr. Carr covers various topics in this interview and discusses his family background, education, the black communities in rural areas throughout Madison County, farming, tobacco, and land ownership. At the age of 18 Mr.…

John H. Spaulding discusses his time in the Army, his intial try out for the Marine Corps. and his eventual deployment to Vietnam. In particular, Spaulding addresses the horrors of war, his unfriendly welcome home to the United States, and his reintegration back into civilian life.

Ralph Dinn details his experiences in the United States Army. In particular, he discusses his basic training experiences, the skills he was taught, coping with homesickness, his involvement in the VFW and the American Legion and the good they do for Veterans.

Robert Lee Quisenberry details his time in the Air Force. In particular, Quisenberry details his childhood, enlisting in the military, his training, being stationed across the world but not facing combat, his cilvilian life, and his experiences with Veteran Affairs.
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