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Retired Publisher of the Courier-Journal and Times

Barry Bingham Sr. was the editor and publisher of the Courier-Times. In this interview he discusses his fathers leadership and health, national and city politics, and inheriting the paper.

Former Secretary at Louisville Varnish

Loretta Vormbrock was a secretary of Patrick H. Callahan. She discusses working with Callahan and reviews photographs of the Louisville Varnish Company's history

Edith Callahan was the daughter of Patrick H. Callahan. Here she reflects on her father, the varnish company, and culture.

Mrs. Lenihan was the daughter of Sam Boldrick and a close friend to the Callahan family.

Frank Kysela was a salesman for the Louisville Varnish Company. Here he details P.H Callahan's life and career.

Employee of Louisville Varnish Co.

Charles Langley was an employee and secretary of the Louisville Varnish Company. In this interview he discusses business, the profit-sharing plan, and other paint companies in Louisville.

Charles Boldrick was a close friend of Patrick H. Callahan. In this interview he shares Callahan's political views, travels, and Catholicism in Kentucky.

E.J. Henry was a longtime employee at the Louisville Varnish Company. Here he discusses Patrick H. Callahan's work in the company, his politics, and travels. Mr. Henry also talks about his career and profit-sharing.

Employee of the Louisville Varnish Co.
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