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Dr. Thomas D. Clark talks about books, people and events that influenced him as his decision to be a historian. He also talks about classic Kentucky histories as well as Kentucky history books that still need to be written. He talks about important people and event


Carol Carraco-Crowe covers several topics, but focuses mainly on her work as a scholar of Kentucky history. Carraco-Crowe was born in Georgia and received all of her post-secondary degrees from the University of Georgia. After obtaining her PhD she moved to Bowling Green to become a professor at Western Kentucky University. Carraco-Crowe,…

Retired Professor of History at the University of Kentucky

George M. Chinn, born Jan 15, 1902 in Harrodsburg, Kentucky was a Kentucky historian who retired from the Marine Corp as a colonel in 1962. Coming back to Kentucky, he asked then governor Happy Chandler for help finding a position. Shortly thereafter he took his place in the Kentucky Historical Society. In this interview with Eastern Kentucky Oral…

Dr. George Hamilton Tapp was a well-known Kentucky historian who spent most of his career teaching and writing. Dr. Tapp started his career teaching at various schools and institutions such as Pike County High School, Eastern Kentucky University (1923-1928), Louisville Male High School (1934-1944), and the University of Kentucky (1948-1971). While…

Professor of History and Former Dean at Georgetown College

Former Professor of History at Northern Kentucky Universtiy and the University of Kentucky

Former Editor and Writer of the Louisville Courier-Journal and Times

Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Kentucky

Author and Retired Professor and Department Chair at Cumberland College
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