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Operator of the Beaumont Inn reminisces about family connections in Mercer County.

Retired State Highway Department Employee shares photographs, stories, and information regarding Kentucky River.

Author and retired chairman speaks of rocks found in the Kentucky River.

Nightingale discusses life on the Kentucky River and its landmarks.

Retired worker describes work life on the Kentucky River.

Life-long resident of St. Helen's, KY discusses life and work on the Kentucky River.

Brewer discusses family and tells stories of change on the Kentucky River.

Employee of the Corps of Engineers discusses working his way up to operating a crane on the Kentucky River.

Lockmaster discusses locks and maintenance of locks on the Kentucky River.

Eastern Kentucky University alumnus discusses seeing rafts on the South Fork of the Kentucky River.

Howard discusses owning and operating ferry at Valley View which he has leased out since 1963.

Hudson speaks of growing up on the Kentucky River, eventually becoming a farmer.

Moore discusses growing up in the Oregon area on the Kentucky River.

Hardin discusses working on the Kentucky River for the Corps of Engineers since 1926.

Hopper speaks of eight years of work with the Corps of Engineers.

Coffey speaks of owning the Paul Sawyier Gallery, and the paintings of Paul Sawyer.

Finney speaks of several years of work on the Kentucky River.

McKinney discusses his personal work as well as the work of his family on the Kentucky River.

Dawson tells of life growing up in Gratz, Kentucky near the Kentucky River.

In this interview, Ralph McClanahan discusses various topics from his military service to owning a movie theater. He comments extensively on how he got interested in politics, his two terms in the Kentucky State Legislature, and his election campaign for County Judge. He also comments on the Judicial Referendum, gubernatorial races, and the dire…

In this interview, Robert Collins, a Letcher County native, discusses his family history, education, and decisions to become a County Judge and County Judge Executive. He also comments on his working relationships with former Governors Earl Clements and Bert T. Combs, and his predecessor, Judge Bennett Adams. Other interview topics include a…

McQueen discusses what life was like growing up on the Kentucky River.

Snyder speaks of many of her neighbors in the area and about the history of several points of interest.

O'Malley, an archaeologist tells of work in Boonesborough and shares thoughts on the town.

Proctor, an engineer, proposes a plan to improve the water quality of the Kentucky River.

Marcum tells of work on the Kentucky River.

Douthitt discusses in second interview life along the Kentucky River.

Gravett, Christian, and Bush tell of work as East Kentucky Power Cooperative employees.

Robinson discusses rafting on the Kentucky River.

Boat dock operator talks about the Kentucky River and his personal experiences in the area.

Miller talks of memories on the Kentucky River and how they impacted her life.

Farmer discusses the Kentucky River and the surrounding community.

McCauley speaks of living at Lock #10 of the Kentucky River for 35 years.

Author discusses writing about the Kentucky River.

Retired Power House worker describes work life on the Kentucky and Dix Power Houses.

Ellis discusses work as a marine architect.

Douthitt tells of fishing and trapping on the Kentucky River.

Farmer from Estill County discusses memories of the Kentucky River.

Land discusses life on the Kentucky River and his family's connection with ferries on the River.

Spurr tells of life in Lockport, Kentucky, near Lock and Dam No. 2.

Retired railroad worker recalls several experiences on the Kentucky River.

Retired farmer recalls memories of experiences on the Kentucky River.

Retired Worker for Frankfort City Water Works recalls fond memories of experiences he had on the Kentucky River.

Attorney shares memories of farming on the Kentucky River bottoms as a child.

Retired Kentucky River worker tells of experiences.

Ashcraft discusses life on the Kentucky River and speaks of his father's work as a ferry operator.

EKU Alumni and agriculture consultant discuss the Kentucky River and how it impacted their lives in the Booneville-Beattyville area.
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