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In this interview, Evelyn Boone, Editor of the Todd County Standard, discusses her beginning in the newspaper, the history of the paper, and her responsibility to the community. Ms. Boone also discusses community issues and the benefits of the Kentucky P

In this interview, Homer Marcum, Editor of the Martin Countain, discusses his personal background, Martin County, the Kentucky Press Association, and the most interesting stories that he has written.

In this interview, Tom Clinton, Editor of the Madisonville Messenger, discusses his education, the paper, the type of news printed, and the mining industry in the county. He also comments on the Kentucky Press Association and the "power of the press".

In this interview, Brucie Beard, Editor of the Breckenridge County Herald News, discusses her personal background and how she "got into" the newspaper business. She also discusses problems in the county and county decision makers.

In this interview, Jane Willis, Editor of the Meade County Messenger, discusses her education, the Meade County Messenger, the Kentucky Press Association, as well as many community and political related issues in Meade County.

In this interview, Roger Harris, Editor of the Louisville Scripps-Howard Newspapers, discusses the newspaper company, type of news printed, the circulation of the paper, and the Kentucky Press Association.

In this interview, Ophelia Lowe, Editor of the Shopper's News, discusses how she "got into" the newspaper business, the history and growth of the paper, the Kentucky Press Association, and decision makers in the county.

In this interview, Ava Siener, Editor of the Livingston Ledger, discusses her personal background, the history of the newspaper, the type of news that is printed, the Livingston County Schools, and the Kentucky Press Association.

In this interview, Beth Bowels, Editor of the Carlisle News, discusses the history of the newspaper, her responsibilities as the Editor, and the Kentucky Press Association.

In this interview, Charles Warnick, Editor of the Gallatin County News, discusses his background and education, his career prior to becoming an editor, "chains" newspapers, and issues in Gallatin County.

In this interview, Bennett Roach, Retired Newspaper Editor in Shelby County, discusses his education, positions he's held in his career, World War II, and Ed Waggener.

In this interview, James Burdine, Editor/ Publisher of The Observer, discusses his education, military service, his positions held at various newspapers, and The Observer itself. Burdine also comments extensively on various newspapers.

In this interview, Ed Easterly, owner-editor of the Jessamine Journal, discusses his background and his decision to settle in Jessamine County. He also discusses some of his most interesting stories and particular Jessamine County problems.

In this interview, Jane Hutton, editor and publisher of The Harrodsburg Herald, discusses the logistics of publishing a weekly newspaper, as well as the newspapers' responsibility to the community.

In this interview, Larry Caldwell, editor of the Stanford Interior Journal, discusses his background and the problems of publishing a newspaper. He also discusses his family's purchase of the paper.

In this interview, Mr. Ewell Balltrip, associate editor of the Harlan Daily Enterprise, discusses his basic duties and reflects on some of the problems in Harlan County.

In this interview, Mr. James Crawford, editor of The Corbin Times Tribune, discusses the daily operation of his newspaper, and problems involved with reporting the news.

In this interview, Ms. Rachel Kamuf, editor of the Whitley Republican, recollects her early life as well as her move to Williamsburg. She further discusses problems and issues in the county.

In this interview, Mr. Clyde Underwood, publisher of the Wayne County Outlook, recollects on his early life, Naval service during WWII, and his newspaper experiences.

In this interview, Mr. Enos Swain, retired editor of Danville Advocate Messenger, reflects on his years at the paper as well as the newspaper people he was associated with during this time.

In this interview, Mrs. Margaret Keith, editor of the Sentinel Echo, discusses her background as well as her early life around the newspaper. She discusses events and decision makers in Laurel County.

In this oral history, Mrs. Terry Norfleet, publisher of the Russel Springs Times Journal, discusses the problems of running a newspaper and social problems of Russel County.

This oral history discusses the background and career of Alan Gibson, the assistant editor of the Clinton County News. It describes his views on issues in the community as well as the major issues.

This oral history highlights some of Fred Burkhard's stories during his career. It also discusses the logistics of running a community newspaper, and some of his relationships with people in the community. The interview is the third of a three part series

This oral history discusses the early life and career of Fred Burkhard. He was the former editor and publisher of the Casey County News. The interview is the first of a three part series.

In this interview, Clyde Greenwood discusses his duties as both a Judge Executive and editor of a local Trimble County newspaper. He details how he plans to do both jobs and underscores future plans for the newspaper. Judge Greenwood also comments on the Judicial Referendum, which he dislikes, Trimble County population decreases, and the rampant…
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