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Dr. Robert R. Martin is President Emeritus of Eastern Kentucky University and retired Kentucky State Senator. Dr. Martin discusses his years in the legislature and views on Kentucky government.

Robert R. Martin talks about retiring from Eastern Kentucky University presidency and his time serving as a State Senator.

In this interview, Hershel Brown details his upbringing in a political family, and his reasons for running for County Judge in 1949, which he, in fact, did not enjoy. Brown also discusses his election campaign, his calls for "clean elections", Governor Louie B. Nunn, and the changes he would make to the County Judge's position if given the…

Senator Ford is at EKU in 1990 to speak to an audience to commemorate the 200th basic class of the Bureau of Training. Before speaking he is interviewed by Dr. Bagby. Senator Ford discusses getting involved in the program and going to Washington through a hearing process. It was approved and the program was able to proceed. Senator Ford detailed…
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