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Welsh tells of long life on the Kentucky River in Estill County.

Sonja Estes discusses her experiences while growing up, first, in Estill County and, later, in Fayette County. Estes spends a great deal of time commenting on her family life and upbringing. The remainder of the interview details relevant changes in Estill County's industry, farming practices, and, healthcare and education systems.

Joe Estes discusses his experiences while growing up and living in both Estill and Madison County. Interview topics include farming and farm life, local oil, timber, and coal booms, and an extended conversation over living and working near the Kentucky River. Other topics include his education, changes in healthcare, and a 627 page monograph he…

Edward Drake discusses growing up in Irvine, Kentucky as the son of a railroad worker. Drake details his early childhood and his eventual employment in the same line of work as his father. Drake comments extensively on his education and work history, as well as relevant changes and the constants in Irvine, such as high unemployment rates. He…

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