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In this interview, Gardner Wagers, a Fayette County native who spent most of his life in Clark County, discusses his family history, education, his interests in politics, his election campaign, and the Judicial Referendum, which he considers a positive development.

Matt Blackard discusses his family history, education, and his 40 years in politics in this interview. He comments extensively on the state and local judicial systems, the Judicial Referendum, former Governor "Happy Chandler", and revenue sharing, which supports both the ambulance and patrol services. Additional interview topics cover what is…

William Williams, a Lyon County native, discusses his Lyon County public service career in this interview. Interview topics include the Judicial Referendum and Willams' job duties as Judge Executive, revenue sharing, major county problems, such as, waste removal and inadequate police and ambulance services, House Bill 44, and, lakes and recreation.

Arson Moore, a Bullitt County native, details his experiences as County Judge Executive in this interview. He was initially appointed to a position on the Fiscal Court after his father passed away while in office. Interview topics include discussions over Bullitt County's status as a "bedroom county" for Jefferson county, the perceived damages that…

Samuel Phillips, a Taylor County native, details his life experiences and Taylor County public service career in this interview. He comments extensively on the Judicial Referendum, his election campaigns, the Fiscal Court, and the major problems that Taylor County faces, such as inadequate ambulance services, roads, and recreation facilities.…

In this interview, Jack Johnson, Superintendent of the Lincoln County School System, discusses his many years as a teacher and as a school administrator in Kentucky schools.

In this interview, Elbert Hudson, Superintendent of the Lee County School system, discusses his education, prior positions, the School Board, size of his system, and contributions and problems in Lee County.

In this interview, the former and current Superintendents of Lee County School discuss how they became Superintendents, the School Boards and their relationships with them, and the changes that have been made in the system over the years.

In this inteview, Robert Arwin, Superintendent of Oldham County Schools, discusses his background, decision to become an adminstrator, and problems concerned with growth. He also comments on the staff, school boards, and changes that have taken place.
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