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This is part one of a five part series with George W. Robinson. Robinson's family is from Wisconsin and Iowa. In this interview he gives his family history and reflects on growing up in Iowa. He was in a program called V-12 during World War II at Oberlin College.

In this interview, Herman B. Moore, an Owesley County native, describes growing up on a farm and his early education in a one room school house. He reflects on his campus life and some of his teachers in the interview. Moore expresses his continued support for EKU's programs after retirement.

Clyde Lewis was a EKU faculty, a World War II veteran, and an EKU Alum. In this interview, Lewis recalls his early education and Great Depression memories. He also shares his memories of campus life and the instructors he had while attending EKU.

Letcher County native George Fugate describes his life while growing up on a farm where he was raised by his grandparents. Fugate mentions that John C. Mayo bribed his grandmother for coal rights after they moved to Whitesburg. When Fugate finished eighth grade he attended Eastern Normal School, which was the first time he saw running water and…

Harvey Lafuze, an Indiana native, came to Eastern in 1939 and retired in 1976. He was Eastern's photographer from 1950 till 1960. In this interview he discusses his educational background, the Great Depression, and his first teaching job. Lafuze also discusses Eastern in the early 1930s and the construction of the Memorial Science Building.

Minnie May, an EKU graduate, was an elementary school teacher at Buckeye Schools. In this interview she discusses the school, its curriculum, and the impacts that the Great Depression had on the community. She also discusses the changing role of teachers, 1950s special needs students and the population decline that resulted in the evnetual closing…

Sadie Moore shares the impact of the Great Depression in this interview. She was a student at Buckeye school who would later graduate from college and became a teacher. She comments on how there were no boys in her graduating class, and she details the ad

Dixie Mylum, a Kentucky native, joined EKU's faculty in 1965 and taught in the Department of Social Science until her retirement in 1984. Mylum was instrumental in the development of the department's curriculum and served the university for four years as ombudsman. This interview surveys her life and career.

Nellie Earle Ballou is the widow of Fred Ballou, EKU's former bookstore manager. She reflects on campus life, her employment with the university, and past EKU presidents. She also recalls her family life and retirement.

Glenn Presnell was an All American Football player at Nebraska, and an All Pro running back with the National Football League's Ironton, Portsmouth, and Detroit franchises. He joined EKU's football coaching staff in 1947, where he eventually becoming head coach. He also served as athletic director and the coach for the golf team before retirement…

Mary Richards, a Madison County, Kentucky native, taught geography at EKU. She also served as secretary for the Alumni-Association. In this interview, Richards reflects on her family and education, and the problems she encountered while attending school.

Dr. Moore graduated from EKU and University of Kentucky. He served in many capacities, both political and academic, such as state representative, professor and Dean of Faculty at EKU. He was also Commissioner of Finance of KY, and a teacher and superintendent of various rural schools.

In this interview, Miss. Hood discusses the conditions of the physical education program and facilities of EKU when she arrived in 1930s. She explains the impacts that the Great Depression, and WWII had on social and campus life. She also comments on how the construction of the Weaver Health Building was important to the growth of Health and…

In this interivew, Ira Bell, a 1928 EKU alumni, comments on his 38 year tenure as superintendent in Wayne County and the consolidation of Wayne county high schools. He also discusses his time at EKU, school board elections, changes in the student demographics, and his run for judge in 1969.

Dr. Thomas Myers is a native of Ohio. He helped develop the Allied Health Program at Eastern and he is now serving as Vice President of Student Affairs. Dr. Myers worked under Dr. Robert Martin for 14 years.

Mrs. Mabel Adams was a teacher of Latin at Eastern Kentucky University during the 1920's and 1930's. She helped write Five Decades of Progress concerning the history of Eastern Kentucky University. Mrs. Adams was a very good friend of Robert R. Martin.

Augustus Howard is a direct descendant of those involved in the Baker-Howard feud in Clay County, KY. In this interview, Howard, discusses his education, occupations, and his family life. He also describes events that occurred during the Howard-Baker feud.

Class of 1936

This is an unrehearsed taped interview with Myrtle Le Baker Watts, Alumna and a 1921 graduate of Eastern Kentucky State Normal School. Mrs. Watts was born December 8, 1896 at Tyrone, Anderson County, Kentucky.

This is an unrehearsed taped interview with Virginia H. Waters, graduate of Eastern Kentucky State Normal School (1916) and long-time teacher at Isaac Shelby Elementary School (Jefferson Co.). Ms. Waters discusses her education at Eastern and changes in the Jefferson County school system. There is als a brief discussion of the Great Depression.

This is an unrehearsed taped interview with Emma Young Case, a 1926 graduate of Eastern Kentucky State Teacher's College and the Dean of Women there from 1932-1962. Mrs. Case discusses changes during her career and her impressions of former Eastern presidents.

This is an unrehearsed taped interview with Mabel C. Pullen, graduate of Eastern Kentucky State Normal School (1918) and accomplished businesswoman and educator. Mrs. Pullen discusses her education at Eastern and her career as a teacher as well as her dairy business and the effects of the Great Depression on Kentucky agri-business.

This is an unrehearsed taped interview with Ruth R. Lane, alumnus of Eastern Kentucky University. Miss Lane graduated in the early 1920's. She reviews her College and Teaching years.

This is an unrehearsed taped interview with Ethel Merritt Lisle who now in her early nineties is discussing her College years at EKU. Also she talks of the Depression years and how they survived.

This is an unrehearsed taped interview with Charles F. Farris, alumni of Eastern Kentucky University, a 1938 Graduate. Mr. Farris discusses his education and fellow Alumni.

This is an unrehearsed taped interview with Wilburn Barber, a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University. Mr. Barber discusses his memories of the college and fellow alumni.

This is an unrehearsed taped interview with Fannie Noe Hendren Alumnus of Eastern Kentucky State Normal School graduating in 1916. Mrs. Hendren is a life long resident of Madison County. She reminiscences about Eastern and the Great Depression, also growing up in Madison County and education.

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