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Retired bank employee discussed the Depression and how it impacted the community.

Retired Teacher tells of Berea College and daily life during the Depression

Tax Practitioner discusses the Depression and how it impacted his life.

Housewife describes what life was like during the Depression.

Jackson speaks of growing food for school lunches and distributing clothes to needy people.

Homemaker discusses what it was like living during the Depression.

Brammer discusses the Depression and how it impacted her life.

Powell discusses the Depression and the impression it left on her life.

Smith recalls the Depression and how his life was impacted.

Fullers discuss living and working conditions during the Depression.

Williams discusses hardships during the Depression and living on the farm.

Housewife tells of what life was like in a Coal Field during the Depression years.

Retired teacher and coal miner discusses the most important lessons he learned from the Depression.

Logue talks about the Depression and how it impacted her family and the surrounding community.

Delbert T. Harrison discusses his life experiences and the changes in Estill County that he witnessed during his lifetime. Interview topics include comments on growing up in a family with 14 children, his work history, and the major changes in juvenile behaviors and family dynamics.

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