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Dowell speaks of the Depression and the impact it had on her family.

Williams tells of her life experiences during the Depression.

Former Principal describes teaching school during the Depression.

Retired Teacher tells of life during the Depression.

Retired construction worker talks about the Depression and how his family survived.

Carter discusses the Depression years and how she and her family worked together to live during the Depression.

Housewife and former store employee shares hwo the Depression impacted her life.

Griffith describes growing up during the Depression and what life was like during that time.

Robertson tells of fmaily's survival off of inherited investments and life insurance during the Depression.

Hill discusses family life during the Depression.

Retired AT&T Employee speaks of life and society during the Depression.

Squires and wife discuss their opinions of the Depression and how it impacted their lives.

Gray tells of what her life was like during the Depression.

Mason discusses the Depression and how it impacted her life.

Retired teacher discusses life during the Depression and how it impacted him.

Wilson shares her views of the Depression and how it impacted her life.

Marcum discusses the Depression and how it impacts his life.

Fugates speak of vivid memories of the Depression and moving across the country to find work.

Griffin speaks of several aspects of the Depression.

Mr. Joe Cecil Twine discusses his family history, ancestors that were born in slavery, and a book he wrote about his family titled "Trail of the Twines: 1820-1988." He describes life growing up in rural Madison County, KY, his life as a farmer, and growing tobacco. Mr. Twine comments on race relations in Madison County and religion.

Housewife describes the Depression, having little money, and feeling very happy.

Clay recalls vivid memories of the Depression.

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