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In this interview, Zack Banks, Former Superintendent of Jackson County Schools, discusses his background, education, military service, and prior teaching positions. He also discusses the problems in the school system of the past several years.

Worwick Tyler discusses how he teaches his American Revolution courses at Massey University.


EKU Class of 1950

In this interview, Willis Justice, Superintendent of Clark County, discusses his background, his decision to become Superintendent, the type of schools in the system, and parents' concerns. He also comments on athletics and his problems as Superintendent.


In this interview, Willie Watkins, Retired Superintendent of Casey County Schools, discusses his teaching and administrative career, the trends he witnessed, the various relationships he built throughout his tenure.

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In this interview, William White, Superintendent of Lyon County Schools, discusses his educational and career background, problems with the schools, his likes and dislikes of the job, as well as his plans for the future.


In this interview, William Slusher, Retired Superintendent of 42 years in the Bell County School System, discusses hid education, decision to become Superintendent, the biggest changes in education, contributions he's made, the School Board, etc.

William Sexton was born in Carlisle, Kentucky, and attended the University of Kentucky for one semester before transferring to EKU. During his time at Eastern, Sexton moved from student to faculty, to department chair to dean, and then up to two vice-presidencies. In his interview, he describes what he has done at EKU, including leaving to join the…

Dr. William E. Sexton is a native Kentuckian born and raised in Harrison County. He graduated from Eastern Kentucky State College and received his Ed.D. at the University of Missouri. He has been employed at Eastern since 1957, serving as Chairman of the Department of Industrial Technology (1965-1969), Dean college of Applied Arts and Technology…

In this interview, William Hall, Retired Assistant Superintendent of Laurel County Schools, discusses his background and education, problems of the Superintendent, the School Board, and his decision to leave Letcher County. He also comments on the proble

In this interview, William Cheek, Retired Superintendent in Lawrence County, discusses his education, teaching without books, significant changes in the educational system, and his reasons for wanting to be a teacher.

In this interview, William Cheek, Retired Superintendent in Lawrence County, discusses his decision to become a superintendent, his different school boards, good superintendents he has known, and the transportation in his system.


In this interview, William Birdwell, Superintendent of Bourbon County, discusses his education, prior positions, the School Board and its members. He also comments on problems in the system, parents' concerns, and staff and programs in the schools.


In this interview, William Armstrong, Superintendent of Bellvue Independent Schools in Campbell County, discusses his personal and educational background, his farming years, why anyone would want to be a superintendent, and problems in the system.


In this interview, Wilbur Gilley, Superintendent of Metcalfe County Schools, discusses his educational background, the death of the former superintendent, programs in the schools, problems in the system, as well as decision makers in the county.


In this interview, Wilbur Barnes, former Superintendent of Russel Co. Schools, discusses his education, Othella Gaskins (former supt.), the School Board, and college preparedness. He also comments on his daily duties, as well as problems in the system.

Former Superintendentof Public Instructions in Kentucky and Secretary of Agriculture

In this interview, Waymond Huddleston, Administrator for the Cumberland County Hospital, discusses his family and personal background, education, major issues during his tenure as Superintendent, problems of the school system, and the Cumberland County Sc

In this interview, Wandel Strange, Superintendent of Williamstown Independent School System, discusses his personal background and education, as well as many things in the school system and the community.


In this interview, Walter Green, Jr., Superintendent in Taylor County, discusses his background, previous positions, and his decision to become superintendent. He also discusses budgets, drugs & alcohol, and the programs in the school system.

Retired carpenter and painter recalls memories of growing up on the Kentucky River.

In this interview, W.M. Martin, Assistant Superintendent in Ohio County, discusses the school board, the school system, problems in the system, and the political aspect of the superintendent. He also discusses transportation and athletics.


In this interview, W.D. Kelley, Superintendent of Christian County Schools, discusses his career history, issues he's been involved in as superintendent, problems in the schools, and advice he would give to the next superintendent after he retires.


In this interview, W. Bruce Ayers, editor of the Tri-City News, discusses the routine of operating a newspaper and his interests in being a newsman. He is a professor at Southeast Community College.

Retired Teacher discusses daily life during the Depression.

In this interview, Victor Johnson, Superintendent of Scott County,discusses his background and education, his School Board, issues in the system, athletics, and positive aspects of the Scott County School System.


In this interview, Vernon Miniard, Superintendent of the Monticello School System, discusses his family and background, his time working for Blue Diamond Coal Co., as well as his time in the military and education. He also discusses school boards, problem

Mrs. Verda Hatch was the co-founder of Faculty Wives in 1955. She is the wife of Alden O. Hatch, former ROTC commander and staff member of EKU. Mrs Hatch has four children and is a retired music teacher. She talks about the beginning of Faculty Wives and the activities of the organization, including President William F. O'Donnell's reaction to the…

Teacher, Principal, and Superintendent of Schools in Allen County, Former Mayor, Hospital Administrator, and Executive Director of the Housing Authority

In this interview, Troy Spear, Superintendent of Cumberland Co. Schools, discusses his background and education, his positions held prior to becoming Superintendent, and the School Board and elections. He also discusses major issues that he has faced, co

President of Lee's Junior College
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