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John Parks shares his experiences of growing up on a farm in Madison County. Interviews topics include discussions about farm life, churches, home remedies, raising livestock, education, discipline, crime rates, and the excitements he felt when attending Court Days, festivals, and fairs.

Dr. William Wise discusses Estill County, the Kentucky River, the railroad systems that were at one time the lifeblood of the area, and other related historical topics. Other interview topics include lengthy discussions over various industries and economic trends, such as oil and timber booms, agriculture, and raising livestock. Generally speaking,…

Irene Woosley discusses growing up in the Kiddville "village"/Trap area of Clark County. She comments extensively on her family life and marriage, changes in community values, and the eventual collapse of the Kiddville area, which she attributes to people leaving the area for employment opportunities in a changing economy.
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