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Jaleh Rezaie is a native of Iran. In this interview she discusses getting married and coming to the United States for higher education, where she attended the University of Kentucky and EKU. She was hired on EKU as a math teacher and would become the first chair of the Department of Computer Science after the Mathematics and Computer Sciences…

Jack Adams is a native of Laurel County and an EKU alumni. In this interview Adams discusses going to EKU on a basketball scholarship and his corresponding basketball career. He recalls professors and coaches who influenced his education career. Upon graduation he was an alternate for the Olympic basketball team. He discusses becoming the assistant…

Richard Givan is a native of Louisville and an EKU alumni. In this interview Givan describes campus life and his major, English. He joined the US Navy his senior year and discusses the attitudes of students toward the Vietnam War. Upon his return from service he began teaching courses in the College of Law Enforcement.

In this interview, EKU faculty member Dr. Jon McChesney describes his educational experiences and the ways that has EKU influenced his life.

Vietnam War Army veteran and VTS Instructor Peter Berres discusses his military service, motivations for joining and his life after service. In particular, Berres details his navigating the ins and outs of being in a military family and his resultant military service.
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