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Teacher speaks of education and lack of supplies in the 1930's.

Superintendent of the Burgin Independent School District, EKU Class of 1962

EKU Class of 1950

In this interview, Eugene Sebastin, Superintendent in Breathitt County, discusses his education (EKU Alum), his prior occupations, and the School Board and elections. He also discusses issues within the school system and the community.

In this interview, Jack Moreland, Superintendent of Dayton Independent School System, discusses his personal background, education (EKU Alum), the school board, and his accomplishments as school superintendent.

In this interview, Edward Laudenback, Superintendent in Robertson County, discusses his attendance at EKU, personal background, and his philosophy on education.

In this interview, C.R. Norman, Superintendent of Boone County Schools, discusses his background, prior positions, the school system, and other issues surrounding the job of the superintendent. He is also an EKU Alumni.

In this interview, Johnny Herald, Superintendent for Jackson City School System, discusses his background, the political aspect of the school system, and concerns of parents. He also talks about the needs and decision makers of the county.

In this interview, Orville Hamilton, Superintendent in Johnson County, discusses his background, the School Board members and elections, major problems and contributions to the system. He also mentions different programs in the schools.

In this interview, Jack Burkich, Superintendent in Letcher County, discusses his personal background, education (EKU Alum), the statistics of the school system, and transportation. He also comments on EKU and problems within the school system.

In this interview, Bobby Whittaker, Superintendent of Montgomery County, discusses his background and education (EKU Alum), the School Board, and various other topics concerning the school system and the community.

In this interview, James Dotson, Superintendent of Pike County, discusses his background, education, the School Board, along with many other aspects of his job as Superintendent.

In this interview, Charles Rose, Former Superintendent of Wolfe County, discusses his background and education (EKU Alum), prior positions, problems he faced as Superintendent, what changed during his tenure, and issues within the community.

Tuttle tells of growing up on the Kentucky River and his father's work as a toll keeper.

Retired Teacher and EKU alumnus speaks of growing up along Lock #1 and Lock #6.

Gillock shares stories of grandfather who lived at Monterey on the Kentucky River.

Elder shares some memorable experiences on the Kentucky River.

Minnie May, an EKU graduate, was an elementary school teacher at Buckeye Schools. In this interview she discusses the school, its curriculum, and the impacts that the Great Depression had on the community. She also discusses the changing role of teachers, 1950s special needs students and the population decline that resulted in the evnetual closing…

In this interview Mr. Davis, an EKU alumni, discusses his career with Whirlpool and his memories of being a student at Buckeye school. Other topics of discussion include his split grades, scholastic clubs, Buckeye Sports, and the politically motivated closure of the school.

Allen C. Muncy, a Leslie County native, discusses his family history , education, his political interests and career, which began when he set out to stop the rampant violence he saw in his home county. He also discusses the differences in atmosphere at EKU and UK, his election campaigns, the Judicial Referendum, President Nixon's visit to Hyden,…

In this interview, Ervin S. Pruitt, a Pike County native and EKU graduate, discusses his personal background, employment history, and education prior to becoming a Pike County Judge, an appointment that he received after his father retired. Pruitt also discusses the advantages and disadvantages to the Judicial Referendum, and his run for office,…
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