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Terry L. Spurlock discusses his time in the United States Navy. In particular, Spurlock comments on his choice to enlist in the Navy rather than be drafted into the Army. He also shares stories from his time in boot camp and his travels to the Philipines and Vietnam.

Jack L. Tackett details his time in the Marine Corps duing the Vietnam War. In particular, Tackett comments on his expereinces while being attached to the First Reconnaissance Marines as a radio man. He also discusses the fifteen patrols he went on during the war.

R.D. Whitaker discusses his childhood and his experiences during the Vietnam War. In particular, Whitaker comments on his family, being drafted, how his faith helped him through battle training, his eventual position as rifleman, the terrible food, the reasons his re-enlistmentment was denied, and how he lives with PTSD. Whitaker also shares his…
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