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Tim Anderson discusses his time in the United States Army, and his life afterwards. In particular, Anderson comments on basic training and being deployed to Iraq during Operation Desert Storm. He also discusses his education after the Army, his path to becoming a teacher, teaching high school, and his use of military styled classes.

John Barnett details his time in the United States Army. In particular, he comments on his decison to enlist, basic training, adapting to military life, and his deployments. Barnett also discusses his return to civilian life and his thoughts on Veteran benefits.

Chris Linder discusses his time in the United States Marines Corps., his deployments, and his return to civilian life. In particular, Linder comments on his deployment to Iraq during Desert Storm and a second deployment that was riddled with politcs and ever changing Rules of Engagement. He also details his involvement in humanitarian missions in…

Retired Colonel David R. Alexander recounts his time in the miltiary, from his begingings in ROTC to ending his career as a Colonel. In particular, Col. Alexander comments on his experiences in the Middle East during the Gulf War and Operation Desert Shield. Col. Alexander also details how he led his troops during these times, as well as what it is…

Timothy R. Tillett details his time in the Army National Guard. In particular, Tillett comments on his time in Iraq, his experiences as a transport driver, and the ways his views on the military and war changed over time.

Richard Schmidt details his service in the Navy. Discussions cover his military career, his training as an air traffic controller on Naval carriers, and problems with the healthcare system for Veterans.
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