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In this interview, Alex Eversole, Superintendent of Perry County Schools, discusses his background, education, and military service. He also comments on school boards, problems in the system, his decision to leave the Perry County School System.

In this interview, Sovel Stephens, Superintendent of Russell County Schools, discusses his education, why he came Superintendent, the school board and elections, along with his duties and daily activities.

In this interview, Zack Banks, Former Superintendent of Jackson County Schools, discusses his background, education, military service, and prior teaching positions. He also discusses the problems in the school system of the past several years.

In this interview, John W. Marsee, former Superintendent of Garrard County Schools, discusses his education, his prior positions, the Marsee family, and his duties as Superintendent. He also comments on problems he faced and other issues.

In this interview, Forrest Williamson, Jr., Superintendent of the Harrodsburg School System, discusses his education, teaching experience, and why he became Superintendent. He also comments on his duties and explains he is very happy with the job.

In this interview, Marshall Dixon, Former County Judge and Superintendent, discusses his educational background and his experiences as a Judge and a Superintendent.

In this interview, A.T. Hensley, Former Superintendent of Mercer County Schools, discusses his education, issues that the school system has faced, his contributions, and a comparison of the position of School Superintendent in the past twenty years.

In this interview, Sedley Stewart, retired Superintendent of Lee County Schools, discusses his education, EKU, and many issues he faced in the 50 years he worked in the educational programs in Lee County.

In this interview, Elbert Hudson, Superintendent of the Lee County School system, discusses his education, prior positions, the School Board, size of his system, and contributions and problems in Lee County.

In this interview, Ernerst Wiggins, Superintendent of East Bernstadt Schools, discusses his education, former jobs, military service, previous coaching jobs, and other various aspects of the job of Superintendent.

In this interview, Kenneth King, Superintendent of Mercer County Schools, discusses his education, pros and cons of being Superintendent, the School Board, lack of dedication by teachers, athletics, and the negative aspects to his job.

In this interview, J.K. Powell, Retired School Superintendent of Mercer County, Former President of Cambellsville College, and President of EKU, reccollects on his many experiences as an educator and as administrator for the school systems.

In this interview, Earl Shaw, Superintendent of Garrard County Schools, discusses his education, prior positions, problems he has faced, the School Board, the positive aspects of his job and decision makers in the county.

In this interview, William Slusher, Retired Superintendent of 42 years in the Bell County School System, discusses hid education, decision to become Superintendent, the biggest changes in education, contributions he's made, the School Board, etc.

In this interview, Ronald Jones, Superintendent of Pineville City Schools, discusses his education, the Flood of 1977, how he became Superintendent, the School Board and elections, and major problems he faces.

In this interview, Ike Slusher, Superintendent of the Bell County School System, discusses his educational and administrative experience, and the problems involved in operating a school system.

In this interview, James Whittaker, managing editor of the Central Record, gives the logistics of publishing a weekly paper. He also discusses former Casey County News editor Fred Burkhard.

In this interview, Guy Hatfield, publisher of the Estill County Citizen's Voice, recollects on his years in the newspaper business. He also discusses his decision to go into journalism.

In this interview, Myron Worley, Editor of the Pioneer News, discusses the history of the Pioneer News, the type of news that is printed in the paper, and the paper's editorial policy. He also discusses many issues in the county, major decision makers, and the "power of the press".

In this interview, Brucie Beard, Editor of the Breckenridge County Herald News, discusses her personal background and how she "got into" the newspaper business. She also discusses problems in the county and county decision makers.

In this interview, Joy Campbell, Editor of the McLean County News, discusses her personal background, relationship with the school system, and the Kentucky Press Association.

In this interview, Walter Dear, III, Editor of the Henderson Gleaner, discusses his education and background in newspapers, his relationship with county officials, and the effects of the Ohio River on Henderson County.

In this interview, David McBride, Editor of the Ohio County Times, discusses his getting into the newspaper business, the history of the newspaper, and his relationships with the school systems and Fiscal Court. He also comments on industry in the county.

In this interview, Ophelia Lowe, Editor of the Shopper's News, discusses how she "got into" the newspaper business, the history and growth of the paper, the Kentucky Press Association, and decision makers in the county.

In this interview, Tim Bostic, Editor of the Salyersville Independent, discusses Magoffin County, his personal background and his position as Mayor of the city. He also discusses his relationship with other politicians and the local school system.

In this interview, Margorie Denton, Assistant Editor of the Flemingsburg Gazette, discusses her personal background, newspapers in the county, and the newspaper business.

In this interview, Stanley Champer, Editor of the Ashland Daily Independent, discusses his personal background and extensive newspaper career, ownership changes of the newspaper, and the major issues and decision makers in Boyd County.

In this interview, Sara Falls, Editor of the Express News, discusses her personal background, career, and Pike County.

In this interview, Bennett Roach, Retired Newspaper Editor in Shelby County, discusses his education, positions he's held in his career, World War II, and Ed Waggener.

In this interview, Reba Baker, advertising editor for The Leslie County News, discusses how her and her husband acquired the paper from James Nolan. She also comments on problems in Leslie County.

In this interview, Louise Hatmaker, editor and publisher of the Jackson Times and the Beattyville Enterprise, comments on her activities as an editor and as a publisher.

In this interview, Jerlene Rose, editor of the Clay City Times, discusses the logistics of running a weekly paper and gives a good background of Powell County.

In this interview, Jane Hutton, editor and publisher of The Harrodsburg Herald, discusses the logistics of publishing a weekly newspaper, as well as the newspapers' responsibility to the community.

In this interview, Larry Caldwell, editor of the Stanford Interior Journal, discusses his background and the problems of publishing a newspaper. He also discusses his family's purchase of the paper.

In this Interview, Charles House, editor of the Manchester Herald, places great emphasis on the coal industry's impact on Clay County's economy. He also discusses his background and publishing routine.

In this interview, Mr. Ewell Balltrip, associate editor of the Harlan Daily Enterprise, discusses his basic duties and reflects on some of the problems in Harlan County.

In this interview, W. Bruce Ayers, editor of the Tri-City News, discusses the routine of operating a newspaper and his interests in being a newsman. He is a professor at Southeast Community College.

In this interview, Larry C. Timbs, Jr., editor of the Casey County News, discusses his education and newspaper experience and the routine of publishing his newspaper.

In this interview, Mr. Lou Derossett, editor of the Middlesboro Daily News, recollects his experiences as a newsman, and discusses the operation of a daily newspaper.

In this interview, Mr. Tim Cornett, former editor of The Pineville Sun and Cumberland Courier, discusses his years with the paper. He became the editor of the paper at age 17.

Samuel Phillips, a Taylor County native, details his life experiences and Taylor County public service career in this interview. He comments extensively on the Judicial Referendum, his election campaigns, the Fiscal Court, and the major problems that Taylor County faces, such as inadequate ambulance services, roads, and recreation facilities.…

Dick Castleman, a Graves County native, comments on his life experiences as the Graves County Sheriff, Judge, and Judge Executive in this interview. He comments on the various job duties of the positions, the Judicial Referendum, low income housing, and the major challenges that Graves County faces, such as population growth, high interest rates,…

Hanson Slaton, a Hopkins County native, discusses his public service career as a Deputy Sheriff, Sheriff and County Judge in this interview. He comments extensively on the Judge Executive and County Judge duties, unemployment rates and local industry, problems with land fill and sanitation services, and the pains of poor county roads. Slaton also…

Floyd Hooks, a Lyon County native, discusses his terms as County Judge and Judge Executive in this interview. Interview topics include discussions over his former teachers, how he dealt with juveniles, the powers of the Fiscal Court, and his typical job duties. He also commments extensively on the county's ambulance and recreation services, the…

In this interview, J. D. Jones, a Caldwell County native, discusses his single term as County Judge and his three nonconsecutive terms as County Sheriff. He also comments on his grandfather and father's service as sheriff, the Judcicial Referndum, recent county growth, the Fiscal Court and the Pennyrille AD District.

Paul Madden, the Hancock County Attorney, discusses the Judicial Referendum, former County Judge Charles Miller, and Hancock County tax rates, problems, and geography in this interview.

In this interview, Nancy Botts discusses Barren County and the life and public service career of her boss, County Judge Executive Dale Burchett. She comments on Burchett's background and the issues the county faces, such as problems with the ambulance service, and fire and roads departments, the lack of a housing program and the pains of county…

In this interview, James Menees, a Fulton County native, shares his public service experiences, as a Fulton County Sheriff, County Judge, and Judge Executive. He comments extensively on his election campaigns in 1966 and 1970, other county and school board elections, the Judicial Referendum changes, and various aspects of county government, such as…

In this interview, James Guffey, a Ballard County native, discusses his education, reasons for "getting into" politics, and his corresponding public service experiences as Deputy Sheriff, County Judge and County Judge Executive. Interview topics include the Judicial Referendum, "major players" in Ballard County, unemployment and tax rates,…

In this interview, Mitchell McConnell, an Alabama native and future Senate Majority Leader, details his education, a Department of Justice appointment under President Gerald Ford, and his interests in politics. He comments extensively on the Judicial Referendum, the problems that Jefferson County faces, the "crucial" benefits of revenue sharing and…
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