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Edward Prichard discusses the politics of funding and launching KET. The interview provides a glimpse of the behind the scenes financial politicking that took place during the formative years of KET. Prichard shares his knowledge and opinions on the ways that the state government and Governors Combs, Breathitt, Nunn, and Ford approached KET's…

Dr. Moore graduated from EKU and University of Kentucky. He served in many capacities, both political and academic, such as state representative, professor and Dean of Faculty at EKU. He was also Commissioner of Finance of KY, and a teacher and superintendent of various rural schools.

Dr. William E. Sexton is a native Kentuckian born and raised in Harrison County. He graduated from Eastern Kentucky State College and received his Ed.D. at the University of Missouri. He has been employed at Eastern since 1957, serving as Chairman of the Department of Industrial Technology (1965-1969), Dean college of Applied Arts and Technology…

Mr. John DeMarcus, a native Kentuckian, attended Eastern Kentucky University in the 1960's. He served as a legislative assistant and currently is Vice-President of Business Affairs at Northern Kentucky University.

Dr. John Rowlett is a native of Texas and currently serves as Vice-President of Academic Affairs and Research at Eastern. He came to Eastern during the 1950's. During Dr. Martin's tenure as President he worked very closely with Dr. Martin in the development of various new programs- especially the nursing and law enforcement program. Dr. Rowlett is…

Mr. John Vickers was the former Director of Placement Office at Eastern. Mr. Vickers is a native Kentuckian. He received his B.A. from Western Kentucky State College and he received his M.A. from the University of Kentucky. Mr. Vickers served in various capacities in the state government before coming to Eastern with Dr. Martin in 1960.

Mr. Gerald May is originally from New York, but moved to Kentucky to become a student at Eastern during the 1940s. He has served on Eastern's Board of Regents during the 1960s where he became acquainted with Dr. Martin.

Mr. Robert Begley is the President of Begley's Drugs company and serves as Chairman of the Board of Regents

Mr. Lyman Ginger, a native Kentuckian, was born in 1907. He received his A.B. at Kentucky Wesleyan College and his M.A. and Ed.D. at the University of Kentucky. From 1929-39 he was a teacher and coach at Winchester High School. He then served as principal at Owingsville Consolidated School from 1939-42. Mr. Ginger then served in various capacities…

Mr. Richard Wilson works as the educational feature writer for the Louisville Courier-Journal. He is familiar with Dr. Martin's career and relationship with the press.

Robert Matthews is a native Kentuckian born in 1923. He served as Assistant Attorney General of Kentucky from 1955-60 and as executive secretary to the Governor of Kentucky. From 1960-63 Mr. Matthews served as Commissioner of Finance and from 1963-67 he served as Attorney General of Kentucky. In 1967 he returned to his private lat practice.
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