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Ed Henson shares some of his memories as a young boy at the Natural Bridge State Park and while working the Trail Riding Concession with Mr. Sam Tuttle and Tobe, the renowned Mountain Horse. Through the trail concession Mr. Tuttle made others aware of the Rocky Mountain Horses of Eastern Kentucky. Some of the people who came in contact with either…

Elmer Combs discusses growing up on a farm in Perry County near Hazard, Kentucky. Interview topics include discussions about coal mining, farming and farm life, self-sufficiency practices, molasses production, and other related changes from the times of his youth to the present.

Etha Muncie and Aileen Smith discuss growing up in Powell County. Interview topics include comparisons between their youth and the present conditions for families and children. They comment that increases in drug problems, decreases in discipline, and changes in the ways that community members interact on a daily basis are the major changes.

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