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W.C. Thompson discusses the role that railroads played in Ravenna KY through time. He shares his memories of growing up in a town with 17,600, a number that declined as the railroads were replaced by automobiles. Thompson also comments on political trends, such as good and bad Mayors and wet/dry local option votes.

Etha Muncie and Aileen Smith discuss growing up in Powell County. Interview topics include comparisons between their youth and the present conditions for families and children. They comment that increases in drug problems, decreases in discipline, and changes in the ways that community members interact on a daily basis are the major changes.

Emma Woosley discusses growing up in Estill County, where they moved frequently and made do with little money. Woosley also comments extensively on the role that neighbors, religion, education, and, more generally, the community has played in the lives of past and present Estill County residents.

Martha Neely discusses growing up as the daughter of a sawmill owner in Madison County. Neely comments on her education, common discipline practices, community activities that have changed through time, her marriage and the years she has spent as a widow. Additional interview topics include discussions over the Berea Community, its churches, and…

Pastor of the Trinity Methodist Church in Augusta

Minister of the Carlisle C.M.E. Church and Bell Telephone Company Employee

Minister of the Burgin Community First Christian Church

Minister of the Carlisle Christian Church

Minister of the Pleasureville Christian Church, Disciples of Christ Church

Minister of the Silver Grove Baptist Church

Minister and Teacher

Pastor of Crab Orchard Baptist Church

School Bus Driver, Former Restaurant Operator, and Former Mayor

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