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Richard Futrell was born in Louisiana and through years of working, attending college in a few universities, and time as a National Guardsman, he graduated in 1968 with a degree in psychology from the University of Houston. Then, he studied sociology…

Jay Chanley was born in East Orange, New Jersey but attended school in Miami, Florida. He came to EKU for the swim team. Mr. Chanley recounts why he chose EKU, his coaches and other swimmers, and the program being one of the best in the nation. He…

Dan Lichty came from Pasadena, California. He began swimming at a young age and took a scholarship to Ohio State, finishing his bachelor's and master's degrees at California State. Mr. Lichty discusses coaching the dive and swimming teams at EKU and…

Jacinda Bertie-Cockerham was born in West Virginia and attended school in Ohio. She came to EKU due to the distance from home, the way the campus looked, and the law enforcement program's reputation. Ms. Bertie-Cockerham describes the police…

Dr. Anne Brooks was born in Roxbury, North Carolina. Dr. Brooks discusses her first teaching job in Florida. After two years, she became a Methodist missionary to Japan, where she taught English. She discusses her experiences in Japan, being an…

Doug Oliver is from Clark County. Initially having been offered basketball scholarships to other universities, his father refused to let him play thinking it was more important to excel academically. He discusses how EKU helped him in his career,…

Ron Wolfe was born in Falmouth, KY in Pendleton County. Wolfe shares his first impressions of EKU and dorm life, "Loco Parentis" and past professors. He remembers his favorite and toughest professors, and other students, as well as the campus dog…

Orlando Madriz is a native of Caracas, Venezuela. He enrolled in the Venezuelan Military Academy, where he was commissioned as a lieutenant. He came to the United States in 1992 and to EKU for the English Language Institute. Mr. Madriz discusses why…

Paul Paolucci, a Covington native, came to EKU after two years at Northern Kentucky University. He discusses the sociology program at EKU and compares it with Northern's program. He also talks about the split between Richmond and EKU, and being…

Mike Embry was born in Louisville, but lived throughout Kentucky during his high school years. He attended Morehead State University, the University of Louisville, and was in the Air Force before he came to EKU in 1973. In this interview Mr. Embry…

Mustapha Jourdini is a native of Marrakech, Morocco. He came to EKU to study English Literature after representing Morocco at Epcot/Disney World in 1999. He discusses life in Morocco and his original dislikes of the English language. He recounts 9/11…

Dr. Karl Kuhn is a native of Louisville. After graduating with a Bachelor's in Physics at Bellarmine College in 1961 and a Master's at the University of Kentucky in 1963, Dr. Kuhn interviewed at EKU for a teaching position. In this interview he…

Dale Patrick is a native of Terre Haute, Indiana. He graduated from Indiana State and then stayed to finish a Master's Degree in Vocational Education. In this interview he discusses his first impressions of campus and the electronics courses he…

Aloma Hoover was raised in Danville before she attended EKU. She attended EKU in 1960 and graduated in 1971. She discusses why she chose EKU and her early impressions. She recounts how different dorm life was when compared to her home life. She also…

Joseph R. Schwendeman was born in Fargo, North Dakota. He came to EKU to be the Chair of Geography/Geology Department after leaving the same position at the University of North Dakota. Schwendeman discusses his aviation experiences in the Navy and at…

Martha Foster grew up in Danville before attending EKU. She chose EKU because it was a teacher's college and affordable. In this interview she discusses her elementary education major and how it did not prepare her for the classroom. She recounts…

Denisa Omohundro grew up in Powell County before attending EKU. She recounts dorm life and her group of friends. She also discusses her education major and her overall impressions of the program.

Barry Omahundro grew up in Winchester before attending EKU. In this interview he recounts his first impressions of the campus beautiful. Omahundro also comments on dorm life, athletics, and First Street entertainment.

Billie Moberly grew up in Greenup County before attending EKU. She recounts her first impressions of the campus and dorm life. She also discusses the impact EKU had on her life and her sustained involvement with Eastern.

Bill Walters grew up in Madison County and attended EKU. This interview discusses his impressions of the school and the on-the-job experience he obtained while in college. He recounts instructors, entertainment, and his opinion of President Martin.…

Shannon Johnson, a native of Madison County, attended EKU on a football scholarship. In this interview Johnson discusses campus life, sports, and his memories of teammates. He discusses President Martin and shares his account of Vice-president Lyndon…

Paul Blanchard is a native of Flint, Michigan. He attended Flint Junior College, University of Michigan, and Southern Illinois University, and also earning his PhD from the University of Kentucky. In this interview he discusses teaching at EKU, his…

Joan Boewe is a native of Michigan. Her education includes Michigan State University and a Fulbright to study in Germany. In this interview she discusses looking for a teaching position when she found EKU. She describes Opera Shop, a challenging…

Dr. Baldwin is a professor at Morehead University in Morehead KY. In this interview Dr. Baldwin discusses her family background in Michigan, and describes campus and dorm life and the instructors who influenced her.

William Kenneth McCarty is a native of Henry County, KY. He attended EKU and became a teacher at Sulphur Elementary School. He attended UK to receive a Master's degree in Education Administration. In this interview he discusses campus life and…

Virginia Yeager is a native of Estill County, Kentucky. She attended EKU and earned her degree in teaching. In this interview she describes campus and her first impressions. She also reflects on teachers she had and students that stood out to her.

Tony Cox is a Madison County, KY native who attended EKU because it was close. In this interview he discusses campus life, being in a professional baseball contract, and his military and public education service. He teaches history at Madison Central…

John Gump taught in the business department at EKU. In this interview he discusses his education, military experience and the circumstances of coming to EKU. He gives his opinions of the deans under whom he served and the presidents at EKU.

Susan Kidd is a native of Corbin, KY and the wife of Coach Roy Kidd. In this interview she discusses her education and meeting her husband. Her employment was the Advertising Department for the "Richmond Register". Attending EKU football game's was a…

Roy Kidd is a native of Corbin, KY. In this interview, Coach Kidd discusses his reasons for coming to EKU and his first impressions. He was the quarterback for the EKU football team and on the EKU baseball team. Before becoming the EKU head coach, he…

Alfred Patrick is a native of Amonate, Virginia. He attended a small Baptist College, Virginia Tech, and the University of Tennessee and co-authored a textbook about a shorthand system. In this interview he discusses the circumstances of coming to…

Richard Vance is a native of Decatur, Illinois. He attended North Texas State College and the University of North Carolina. He taught in the Social Work Department at University of Tennessee before coming to EKU to teach in Political Science…

Kenneth Hansson was born in 1929 in Chicago, Illinois but grew up in Sweden before returning to the US in 1952. In this interview he discusses his reasons for coming to EKU to teach electronics courses. He describes the changes over the years and the…

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Donald Hendrickson won a scholarship to a college of his choice in a contest called Star Contest. In this interview he describes attending Grand Rapids Junior College, being in the Air Force during WWII, and attending the University of Illinois. He…

Carol Teague is a native of Ohio. In this interview she discusses her education at Ohio University, meeting her husband, and coming to EKU for a teaching position where she worked as a research assistant in EKU Data Processing Department. She…

Robert Hartwell was the Band Director at EKU. In this interview he discusses his career and education prior to coming to EKU. He recounts his first impressions of EKU and the circumstances that brought him to Eastern. Hartwell also shares details on…

Dale Lawrenz was Director of Personnel Affairs at EKU. In this interview he discusses his career before coming to EKU. He recounts his first impressions of the campus and the challenges of the job over the years. He also comments on Affirmative…

EKU President

EKU President

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In this interview, Glen Kleine discusses his educational, military, and family background. He recounts his reasons for choosing journalism and the circumstances that brought him to EKU. While teaching, he established a journalism minor and initiated…

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EKU President

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EKU President

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EKU President

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EKU President

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EKU President

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EKU President

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EKU President

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