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Staff Directorfor the House of Representatives Subcommittee of Elementary/Secondary Education

Chairman of the House Committee on Education and Labor

Executive Director of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities

Research Assistant on the Education and Labor Committee

General Counsel for the Education and Labor Committee

Reporter for the Washington Post, former Reporter for the Courier-Journal

Legislative Assistant on the Education and Labor Committee Staff

Case Worker

Assistant Chief Clerk for the Committee on Education and Laber and former Reporter and Editor for the Courier-Journal

Administrative Assistant to Congressman Perkins

Former Superintendent of Public Instruction for Kentucky, President of the NEA, and Dean of the College of Education at UK

Vice-President for Academic Affairs at EKU

Former Director of Vocationas Education for Kentucky

Former Union Organizer and State Senator

Chairman of the Board for the Courier-Journal and Times

President of the United Mine Workers of America, District 30

Former President of the Untide Mine Workers of America, District 30

Former Executive Director of the Kentucky Education Association

President Emeritus of Morehead State University

Former Director of Vocational Education fo Kentucky

Retired Superintnedent in Jefferson County Schools

President Emeritus of EKU

Retired Superintendent in Knott County

Retired Superintendent in Knott County

Mr. Clements talks about his first impressions of Carl Perkins and compares Perking and Natcher.

Former Kentucky governor, A.B. Chandler, describes Kentucky politics during the formative years of Perkins' political career.

Pike County Democratic Party Chairman

Pike County Circuit Court Clerk

Mr. Wattts is the sheriff of Knott County and he acts as a contact person for Carl Perkins. He talks about the types of problems that are brought to him and the political career of Perkins and his father.

Secretary to Carl Perkins

Mr. Caudill is critical of Perkins in the areas of welfare, coal, the environment, Red River Dam and education. He also questions Perkin's ethics.

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