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Michael Todd discusses the struggles of farming in Kentucky. Interview topics include discussions over balancing farming and family, and the benefits of raising a family on a farm.

Katie Startzman, owner of Native Bagel Company of Berea, Kentucky, discusses her bagel making process, where she purchases her ingredients, and community involvement in local production networks. She also discusses sustainability movements in the local co

Marcella Lovell discusses her personal background and restaurant, Marcella's Farm to Fork. Lovell comments on her decision to buy local for her restaurant, the challenges and advantages that buying local creates, as well as the positive impacts that buy

Kristin Purdy discusses owning and operating Purdy's Coffee Co. in Richmond, Kentucky.

Ed Puterbaugh describes his journey from being a microbiologist to becoming an artisan cheesemaker. He discusses some of the challenges his company faces and the process of making cheese. He also details the importance of farmers markets, explains what in

Drew Elliott and Lindsay Windland are the proud owners of Clementine's Bake Shop in Berea, KY. They discuss different aspects of their business in this interview, including how they got started, their past accomplishments, and their future plans to expand

Melodie Lincavage comments on owning and operating her local farm and business, Four Sister's Farm. Lincavage also discusses her chemical free philosophy, the goat milk soap she produces, and, the Four Sisters Soap and Tea Emporium, the tea shop she opened

Alvina Maynard and her family operate the River Hill Ranch alpaca farm in Richmond, KY. After moving to Kentucky, Maynard and her husband decided to get into niche farming and, consequently, they first had to learn the necessary skills to be an alpaca fa

Liam Wilson, and his wife Valentine, discuss their decisions to leave the modern world and its amenities, and escape what they view as the corruptions of society. They comment on the impacts that cars, banks and taxes have on society, as well as the "off

Baldwin details her experiences in Kentucky agriculture and farming. Topics include the major advantages and struggles her business faces, her interactions with the people she employs, and the overall efforts involved in running her Christmas tree farm.

Wilson describes his "simple" lifestyle, including a detachment from society, and other particular institutions, including government, food supply chain, and poverty. Wilson also details his involvement in the Berea Farmers Market and local market benefits
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